Memorial Environments was conceived by bringing several existing technologies together and placing them into a brand new environment. After many years of success with printed fabric and framing, we found a need for this design element within the funeral industry.

The idea found its way from concept to production, and we are now pleased to offer Memorial Environments as a new way to celebrate and honor loved ones with this remarkable and visually stunning accoutrement.



Memorial Environments has never been utilized in the funeral industry, allowing for an exclusive use patent on this product. Although the technology could be purchased for another industry or another use, it cannot be used behind a casket or urn in any funeral or visitation setting without legal ramifications including, but not limited to, lawsuit of the funeral home owner and his end user for loss of profits, royalties, court costs and treble damages, especially in a case of willful infringement (i.e. learning about the product idea and then circumventing the inventor).

In addition to the financial award, the court may issue a post-trial injunction - an order that the patent defendant stop infringing the patent now and in the future. Optika Scenicworks may also request the court to issue a preliminary injunction, which prevents the accused infringer from using or selling the patent during the trial. 

This  product is only available through OPTIKA Scenicworks, and it's distribution partners.  It is designed to enhance a family's celebration of life experience  in a way never done before, and offer the funeral home a new revenue stream.  We have gone to great lengths to develop this concept and to legally protect it as well.